Panoramic view, Cultural heritage
58,02 Km
5 h 15 min
2 See all the photos Chantelle / Riom
Continuing along the GTMC à VTT from Chantelle to Riom, the volcanic range of the Chaîne des Puys stands temptingly in your line of vision. You quickly reach Charroux, a member of the association Les Plus Beaux Villages de France, with many craftspeople based here.
Then follow the Sioule River as far as Ebreuil, tackling a fairly hilly portion of route. The rest of this stage offers you more and more expansive views onto the volcanoes, captivating you all the way. Coming down to the flat Limagne agricultural plain, the views prove particularly wonderful, with the historic town of Riom and the iconic Puy de Dôme volcano looking splendid.
1180.04 m 1181.17 m

The route

After Chantelle, a stretch on a quiet country road followed by smooth tracks take you speedily to Charroux. There are no particular difficulties up to St Bonnet de Rochefort, but the stretch beside the Sioule River proves more technically challenging up to the Château de Rochefort, before you reach the Ebreuil Plain. At the end of this stage, the wide, very easy paths are a true delight for mountain bikers.

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