Panoramic view, Natural parc, Cultural heritage
41,91 Km
4 h 00 min
Lunas / Clermont-l'Hérault
After Lunas, the GTMC route leads you into clearly Mediterranean terrain. The hilly way here allows riders to make the most of some exceptional views, over the great expanses of the Haut Languedoc and then over the curious red earth around Le Salagou Lake.
Some of our favourite spots: Dio and its château; Carlencas Plateau; and, above all, Le Salagou Lake. The last is a perfect spot for mountain bikers. The lakeside offers beautiful, enjoyable singletracks plus many possibilities for going for a dip. Vineyards and olive groves complete the landscapes around here. Then you reach the town of Clermont l’Hérault, with its many facilities.
1111 m 953 m

The route

On the first part of this stage, there’s a fine mix of climbs and descents, requiring physical exertion without being that technically difficult – the tracks are comfortable and there are small stretches on roads along which to catch your breathe. Your efforts are rewarded with glorious views, plus wonderful descents on which you can really let yourself go, drinking in the landscapes. Just take care after Brenas, where there’s a descent requiring more technical skill. On the ruddy slopes beside Le Salagou Lake explore the lovely paths cutting through the little ravines in this extraordinary, iron-rich, rocky land. After that, it’s mostly downhill along the road leading to Clermont l’Hérault.

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L'aventure au coin du chemin

Virginie et William ont parcouru la GTMC en autonomie d’Avallon à Agde au mois de juillet 2021. Le challenge sportif et l’attrait de la nature ont guidé leur choix. Résultat : quinze jours intenses! Voici leurs impressions

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