Cathédrale d'Autun © DSL Aurelien Ibanez Bourgogne Live Prod
Piste VTT au dessus d'Autun © A. Millot - PNR Morvan
Eve sur la cathédrale d'Autun © Office de Tourisme d'Autun
Théâtre romain d'Autun © OTSI Autun

Autun, the Gallo-Roman city

An historic city near Morvan

Autun was the capital of the Aeduan city. The ancient "Augustodunum", nicknamed "sœur et émule de Rome", is today a city of art and history. The city is terraced and opens onto the Arroux valley and the Morvan mountains. Visiting Autun means rediscovering 2,000 years of history with its two thousand year old monuments: Roman theatre, Janus temple, gates of Arroux and Saint-André, ramparts, Couhard stone. The majestic Saint-Lazare Cathedral houses under its Gothic spire the remarkable tympanum carved "from the Last Judgment". Autun also offers many activities in summer, including the sound and light show "between shadows and lights" presented in the prestigious setting of the Roman theatre, night shows to discover the historic centre... At the Croix de la Libération, the panorama over the city is worth a visit, just like at the entrance to the city, the site of the Vallon lake offers outdoor activities for everyone.


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