Porte médiévale de Charroux © Luc Olivier - CDT03
Village de Charroux © Luc Olivier - CDT03
VTT à Charroux © O. Octobre - GTMC


One of the "Most Beautiful Villages in France"

Ranked among the prestigious list of the "Most Beautiful Villages in France", Charroux is a charming and timeless village. Lose yourself in its labyrinth of small cobbled streets and admire its wells, its "Cour des Dames", its gates and medieval houses. Wherever you go, a craftsman is never far away. Push the door of their shops, they will be happy to share their know-how with you. Saffron, soaps, sweet sweets and of course the famous candles and the incomparable mustard, there is something for everyone. The church with its truncated bell tower is a curiosity and remains an unsolved mystery that raises all hypotheses. To know everything about the history of Charroux, do not miss the visit of its museum. The village is pleasant all year round, punctuated by several highlights: the Artists and Craftsmen's Day, the Soup Festival or the traditional Christmas Village.


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