VTT dans la chaîne des Puys © O. Octobre
Montgolfières au dessus du Puy de Dôme © Altitude 63

The summit of the puy de Dôme

The highest volcano in Auvergne

At an altitude of 1,465 metres, the puy de Dôme, classified as a "Grand Site de France", is the most emblematic and best known volcano in Auvergne. It fascinates by its power and majesty. From the summit you can admire most of the 80 volcanoes of the Chaîne des Puys, the Limagne plain, the Combrailles, the Mont du Forez, the Sancy and sometimes the Mont Blanc. The views are splendid and not to be missed. The summit can be reached by foot or by train (Panoramic of the Domes). Since ancient times, this young volcano (12,000 years old) has been the subject of a fervent cult by the Arvernes and Gallo-Romans who built the Temple of Mercury (2nd century), a place of pilgrimage and the largest mountain sanctuary (1,432m) of the Roman Empire. Visible from Augustonemetum (Clermont-Ferrand), it was accessed from the Col de Ceyssat, the highest point on the Agrippa road (axis linking Lyon to Saintes). Other structures have very different functions: physical observatory of the Globe, TDF antenna (TV), restaurant, site house (tourist area). It should be noted that the access road is reserved for emergency vehicles and access by bicycle is no longer authorized, except during regulated events. At the top, many free activities are available as well as several thematic areas and trails.


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