Ours de Pompon et d'Orlinsky à Saulieu © A. Millot - PNR Morvan
Centre-ville de Saulieu © A. Millot - PNR Morvan


At the gates of the Morvan Regional Natural Park

Located on the ancient "Via Agrippa", renamed throughout history "Grand Chemin", "Voie Royale" then "Voie Impériale" then "Nationale 6", Saulieu has always been a relay for travellers. Its gastronomic reputation is more recent: four masters; Victor Burtin until 1930, Alexandre Dumaine from 1931 to 1963 and Bernard Loiseau, to whom Patrick Bertron succeeded in 2003, raised the city to the rank of gastronomic capital. If animal sculptures animate the city it is in homage to the work of another great character from Saulieu: François POMPON. He was born in Saulieu in 1855 and "monte à Paris" where, recruited by Rodin, he rose to the level of the elite of the master's practitioners. His fascination with animals was to guide his personal production, whose originality was confirmed. In 1922, he obtained a legitimate consecration with his "White Bear". He died in 1933. Part of François Pompon's production is on display at the Musée de Saulieu. Two copies of the "Taurus" and the White Bear adorn the city.


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