Forest, Lakes and rivers, Panoramic view
59,61 Km
5 h 45 min
Very hard
Baraque des Bouviers / Bagnols-les-Bains
Baraque des Bouviers
The GTMC by mountain bike leads you up to the Col des Trois Soeurs pass, after which you can enjoy the lovely descent to reach the little village of Le Giraldès, typical of the French county of Lozère. Next, you ascend to the Col du Cheval Mort and the Truc de Fortunio. The descent that follows takes you down to pretty Charpal Lake, at the end of the section through the Margeride area. Now you’re ready to explore your first Causse (or limestone plateau) along the GTMC, Montbel Causse. In fact, on this stage, you also set eyes on the Upper Lot Valley, finishing this portion at the little thermal resort of Bagnols-les-Bains, where a tired mountain biker might just indulge in a little pampering!
1336 m 835 m



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L'aventure au coin du chemin

Virginie et William ont parcouru la GTMC en autonomie d’Avallon à Agde au mois de juillet 2021. Le challenge sportif et l’attrait de la nature ont guidé leur choix. Résultat : quinze jours intenses! Voici leurs impressions

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