Stantion de gonflage à Bourbon-Lancy © Ahora Studio

Services along the route

What should you do if you encounter a problem along the route?

Rule Number 1: make sure you have the necessary equipment and repair kit packed before you set out: a bicycle pump, two inner tubes, a puncture repair kit, a multi-tool, a chain rivet extractor, a knife, a derailleur hanger, a spoke wrench, a master-link, plus a €20 note and some small change.

Places where you can hire bicycles and get your bike repaired are dotted along the route. 

Certain sections along the route are somewhat isolated and getting your bicycle repaired in such spots may prove difficult. Prepare in advance to deal with such an eventuality, and, should it occur, resassure yourself that it is part of the adventure, and that, in the long run, any such incident should provide you with a good story.

Should you encounter a problem in an isolated area, we suggest you:

  1. contact the nearest bicycle repair company to ask if they can come out to help you at the spot where you are; 
  2. or get to the nearest bicycle repair shop under your own steam, even if it seems a long way off – sometimes, hitch-hiking may offer the best solution. However, in certain cases, it may be wiser to leave your bike at the spot where it has broken down; in such instances, note carefully the bike’s location and specific problem, taking photos.

Recharging your electric-assisted mountain bike

Accommodation recommended for cyclists on the GTMC can be easily identified on our website’s interactive maps. Recharging facilities will be provided by listed accommodation providers. If stopping at a restaurant en route, don’t hesitate to ask if you can recharge your battery while you’re eating.

Luggage transfer services

La Malle Postale already offers luggage transfer services between Chalinargues and Blandas.

At time of writing, no further such services have as yet been set up along the GTMC. Certain accommodation providers may offer a service to your next stopping point on request, but there is no existing network linking accommodation providers along the route. If luggage transfer services are essential for you, try contacting specialist travel agencies that organize package holidays along the GTMC to see if they offer such a service.

Hiring a mountain bike (VTT in French)

Consult the list of bike hire companies that can provide you with a mountain bike (VTT in French) or an electric-assisted mountain bike (VTT-AE in French) via the route maps.

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